Feedback on the webinar on energy solutions for sustainable mobility

Today, we have held a national webinar (in Spanish) to present the latest advances in research in the field of energy to the industry, presenting the most innovative technological solutions of the knowledge system, and dedicated to the solutions for the sustainable mobility.

Five members of the XRE4S network, including centres such as IMB-CNM-CSIC, EURECAT, IREC and UPC, have presented their specific solutions to for integration of power systems for sustainable electric mobility and transport, sustainable batteries and electronic controllers for electric mobility, the integration of electric vehicles in the city and mapping of heat islands and instant pollution maps in cities.

It was a joint session organized between the XRE4S, a network of research groups focused on technology transfer in the energy sector, CIAC, Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia; CEEC, the Cluster of Efficient Energy of Catalonia; AEPIBAL, the Business Association of Batteries and Energy Storage; BatteryPlat, the Spanish Technology and Innovation Platform for Energy Storage; PTE-ee, the Spanish Technology Platform for Energy Efficiency, and the TransHEner project, with the aim of transferring knowledge to the productive sector.

You may find the complete session on our YouTube channel:


The details of the program and the presentations can be found in the following (text in Spanish- not translated):


12.00 Bienvenida

Joana Tarrés (XRE4S) y Ona Rocamora (CIAC)


12.05-12.15 Xavier Jordà (IMB-CNM, CSIC)- Presenta la solución:

“Sistemas integrados de potencia para movilidad y transporte eléctrico sostenibles”

Presentación:1-IMB-CNM-Xavier Jorda


12.15-12.25 Alberto Gómez (EURECAT)- Presenta la solución:

“Sostenibilidad e innovación en las baterías del futuro de la movilidad eléctrica”

Presentación: 2-BATTECH-Alberto Gomez


12.25-12.35 Carlos Miguel Espinar (CITCEA-UPC)- Presenta la solución:

“Controlador electrónico para movilidad eléctrica”

Presentación: 3-CITCEA UPC-Carlos Miguel


12.35-12.45 Alba Colet (IREC)- Presenta la solución:

“Integración de vehículo eléctrico en la ciudad”

Presentación: 4-IREC-Alba Colet


12.45-12.55 Quim Rigola (CTTC-UPC)- Presenta la solución:

“Islas de calor y mapas de contaminación instantáneos en las ciudades”

Presentación: 5-CTTC-UPC-Rigola


12.55 Conclusiones y cierre de la jornada

Presentación: 6-Cierre-AMagraso