Feedback on the webinar on solutions for the biomass sector and bioeconomy

Yesterday, we held a national webinar (in Spanish) to present the latest advances in research in the field of energy to the industry, presenting the most innovative technological solutions of the knowledge system, and dedicated to the solutions for the improvement of current biomass technologies and its relation to bioeconomy.

Four members of the XRE4S network, including centres such as ICIQ, University of Girona, IREC and CT-BETA-UVic-UCC, have presented their specific solutions to improve the conversion of CO2 and biomass into polymers or synthetic methane, new heat and energy generators based on biomass, or biodrying for animal manure valorization into biofuel. The webinar also invited a speaker from Termosun to explain the implementation experience from a company perspective.

It was a joint session organized between the XRE4S, a network of research groups focused on technology transfer in the energy sector; CBC, the Cluster of Bioenergy in Catalonia; the CEEC, the Cluster of Efficient Energy of Catalonia; the PTE-ee, the Spanish Technology Platform for Energy Efficiency; and the TransHEner project, with the aim of transferring knowledge to the productive sector.

You may find the complete session on our YouTube channel:

The details of the program and the presentations can be found in the following (text in Spanish- not translated):

12.00 Manel Sanmartí (XRE4S/IREC) y Marc Cortina (CBC)- Bienvenida

12.05-12.15 Frédéric Ratel (ICIQ)- Presenta la solución:
“Polímeros fabricados a base de dióxido de carbono y biomasa”

12.15-12.25 Andreina Alarcón (IREC)- Presenta la solución:
“Fabricación y uso de catalizadores para la producción de gas natural sintético”

12.25-12.35 Lino Montoro (UdG)- Presenta la solución:
“Woodtricity: Generador de calor y energía renovable a base de biomasa”

12.35-12.45 Mabel Mora (CTBETA-UVic)- Presenta la solución:
“Conversión de residuos de origen animal a biocombustible mediante biosecado”

12.45-12.55 Xavier Piñero (Termosun)- Explica su experiencia:
“Set-up de nuestras calderas para una planta piloto de biosecado”

12.55-13.00 Anna Magrasó (XRE4S/IREC)- Conclusiones y apuntes finales