Feedback on the webinar on solutions for PV technologies and its integration in systems

Today, we have held a national webinar (in Spanish) to present the latest advances in research in the field of energy to the industry, presenting the most innovative technological solutions of the knowledge system, and dedicated to the solutions for the improvement of current batteries and their integration in systems.

Five members of the XRE4S network, including centres such as ICMAB-CSIC, University of Lleida, IREC and UPC, have presented their specific solutions to improve the implementation of photovoltaic systems by using alternative and innovative materials, the integration of PV cells in buildings and urban furniture, solar concentration cells, advanced power converters or new energy management systems for optimal energy use.

It was a joint session organized between the XRE4S, a network of research groups focused on technology transfer in the energy sector, SOLARTYS, the Solar Energy Cluster, the CEEC, the Cluster of Efficient Energy of Catalonia, the PTE-ee, the Spanish Technology Platform for Energy Efficiency, and the TransHEner project, with the aim of transferring knowledge to the productive sector.

You may find the complete session on our YouTube channel:


The details of the program and the presentations can be found in the following (text in Spanish- not translated):


12.00 Bienvenida


12.05-12.15 Mariano Campoy (ICMAB-CSIC)- Presenta la solución:

“Nuevas tecnologías fotovoltaicas basadas en materiales orgánicos”

Presentación: 1- ICMAB-CampoyQuiles


12.15-12.25 Alejandro Pérez-Rodríguez (IREC)- Presenta la solución:

“Integración de tecnologías fotovoltaicas en edificios y mobiliario urbano”

Presentación: 2-IREC-A Perez_Rodriguez


12.25-12.35 Daniel Chemisana (UdL)- Presenta la solución:

“Integración en edificios de energía solar de concentración”

Presentación: 3- UdL-Daniel_Chemisana


12.35-12.45 Sergio Busquets (UPC)- Presenta la solución:

“Sistemas de conversión de potencia multinivel NPC para maximizar el aprovechamiento de energía solar fotovoltaica”

Presentación: 4- UPC – SBM


12.45-12.55 Alba Colet (IREC)- Presenta la solución:

“Plataformas de gestión de autoconsumo compartido y comunidades energéticas”

Presentación: 5- IREC-acolet


12.55-13.00 Conclusiones y cierre

Presentación: 0-inicio y conclusiones