The experience at Transfiere 2022

Transfiere is a European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, a R+D+i meeting in Southern Europe to share scientific and technological knowledge, promote innovation and connect science and business. The managing team of the XRE4S Network was at Transfiere 2022: Joana Tarrés, XRE4S project manager, and Georgina Manyanic, XRE4S junior manager, were representing all the members in a personalized design. The XRE4S representatives showcased the technology catalogue, established new B2B contacts, networked, found new partners, and established strategic alliances and synergies.

Transfiere brought together in Malaga the main relevant public and private agents in the field of research and knowledge transfer. It is a key professional and multisectoral forum for the transfer of knowledge, the improvement of competitiveness in the business sector and the generation of business and networking opportunities.

The XRE4S had a special session where 5 technology pitches were performed on Thursday the 17th of February, 2022 in the Open Innovation Area at Transfiere. These involved the following speakers and pitches (in Spanish):

  • Jose Manuel Sojo Gordillo (IREC)- Téxtil nanoestructurado para la generación de energía mediante termoelectricidad
  • Adrianna Nogalska (EURECAT)- CARBOFORMIC: Generador de energía autosuficiente – Ácido fórmico producido a partir de la captura de CO2 como fuente de energía
  • Benedetto Grillone (CIMNE) – Soluciones de análisis de big data para el sector energético: experiencias del CIMNE – BEEGroup
  • Inés Fernández (DIOPMA-UB)- Recycling steel byproducts into energy efficient building materials
  • Alfonso del Rey (ICMAB)- Fabricación avanzada de electrodos híbridos basados en nanocarbono para almacenamiento de energía


All in all, the experience was satisfactory and we hope to see you all again in Málaga next year!